MPLS20 ( Maritime Pipe Loading System 20“ )

The project MPLS20, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics, has been started in the end of 2007 by a cooperation of Nexans Deutschland GmbH (coordinator), Brugg Rohrsysteme GmbH, IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH and the Institute of Land and Sea Transport Systems of the Technical University of Berlin.

The intention of the project is the development of an innovative offshore-loading system for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) consisting of a flexible corrugated pipe made of stainless steel, an approaching- and handling system and the connection- and coupling technique considering the prevailing standards and safety regulations.

The unique selling point is the flexible corrugated pipe, which will compensate the dynamic caused by the offshore application and the innovative mooring system, which allows a close tandem mooring of the two ships.

The development of a demonstration system, that supports the functionality and the basic characteristics of the innovative loading technique, is the intended result. Additional objective is the establishment of a concept for an offshore-loading system including a feasibility study covered by the GL (Germanischer Loyd AG).



gefördert durch: Bundesmisterium für Wirtschaft und Technologie